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teaching of Surf Riding

and introduction to its environment

I am offering you a teaching of surf riding and of it natural and human environment.

Sessions are private, open from 1 to 3 participants, will be given according to the climatic conditions and to the trainee's personal level.

​Sessions are private, open from 1 to 3 participants, of a duration of either 2, 4, 6 heures or numerous days :

• escorting in water, contructive comments and advices ; progress plan ; pratice of his fundamental activities
• ocean knowledge : safe and interdependent practice
• surf culture introduction
• visit of stategically chosen sites et encounter with people from ocean environment who are acting towards its protection
• advice on equipement selection
• advice / escorting for the trips
• sensitive aproach of waves and ride

I am based on Biarritz, Basque Coast, France.
Rates : please contact for estimation

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